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AZURE NEWS: Enable azure site recovery (ASR) while Azure Virtual Machines are created

In-line enablement of ASR at the time of VM creation, a new feature just released by Microsoft. This capability helps you avoid the hassle of separately configuring DR across regions (or zones) after the


AZURE NEWS: “Prevent Shared Key authorization for an Azure Storage account”

Microsoft has recently released a new feature that allows you to prevent Shared Key authentication for Azure Storage Accounts: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/prevent-shared-key-authorization-for-an-azure-storage-account/ Here


Working with HTTP errors in PowerShell

PowerShell is a great language to query REST APIs. When I call a REST API, I usually expect things to go well, but sometimes it doesn’t. So, how should I handle HTTP errors like 404, 403, and so


AZURE NEWS: “Creating Azure Functions using .NET 5” (preview)

AZURE NEWS: Use .NET 5 in your Azure Functions In December, Microsoft announced that they were working on an “out-of-process” version of .NET 5 for Azure Functions. Since then, Microsoft has


Big rise in Azure SQL’s popularity

We are excited to share that Azure SQL Database is among the most popular databases of 2020 according to DB-Engines, who recently announced their DBMS of the Year award. Read the full article: "Big rise


Updates to Cloud Shell docker image

Azure Cloud Shell offers lots of useful tools for managing Azure. Cloud Shell was recently offered as a docker image, so you can install it wherever you want. Microsoft is constantly updating Cloud


“Build REST APIs in three steps with API Management and Azure Functions”

Microsoft has just released an interesting and in-depth blog post about how to combine Azure API Management and Azure Functions. The blog post deals with, among other things. how to use Azure API Management


Two new Azure Key Vault features (October 2020)

Microsoft has just released two new features for Azure Key Vault: 1. RBAC (role-based access control) support for Azure Key Vault data plane authorization It is now possible to use newly introduced RBAC


Azure API Management updates – October 2020

Microsoft has just released the latest October update for its Azure API Management service. According to Microsoft, the update includes new features, bug fixes, and changes, along with other improvements. New


The API Management Landscape in 2020

Every year Gartner publish their Magic Quadrant covering the landscape of API Management vendors. This year, luckily, is no exception. Gartner has released their “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full

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