Azure API Management updates – October 2020

Microsoft has just released the latest October update for its Azure API Management service.

According to Microsoft, the update includes new features, bug fixes, and changes, along with other improvements.

New Features: 

  • You can now create Developer, Basic, Standard, or Premium API Management services in the Brazil Southeast region.
  • xml-to-json policy supports two new parameters for handling empty values and trimming string values.
  • context.Request.Body and context.Response.Body support three new methods.
  • Liquid templates in the <set-body> policy now support accessing JObject and JArray variables, for example: or context.Variables.contosoarray[0].property.
  • validate-jwt policy now supports JWE tokens compressed with the default algorithm.
  • Network Status API now returns status for the Azure Active Directory endpoint.
  • Named Values API now supports filtering by ID.

Details on all these new features, bug fixes, and other changes can be found on Microsoft’s Github site.