Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Rasmus

I have created this blog because I am very passionate about helping businesses succeed in a software-focused world with intelligent cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Azure is a huge, complicated platform, so my primary focus will be on Azure Compute.

So, what is Azure Compute?

Azure Compute can be defined as cloud resources in Azure with the primary purpose of running custom programs.
Azure Compute consists of Virtual Machines (Windows and Linux), Virtual Machine ScaleSets, Azure Batch, App Services, Azure Functions and the container ecosystem ( Container Instances, Container Services, AKS, Registry)

Who am I?

I live in Denmark (a country in Northern Europe) and I work at one of Denmark’s largest IT companies as architect on Azure solutions and Azure implementations.

My educational background is an MSc (Master of Science) in Computer Science and I have worked professionally with software development, architecture, and systems design since 2005.  I have worked in industries spanning from research over telco to software for the Danish public sector.

I have followed Azure closely since its inception in 2008 with some years of experience in designing and implementing real-life Azure solutions.

I hope you will follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course, here on my blog!


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