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Introducing Azure Resource Mover: a seamless way to move between Azure regions

With over 60+ announced Azure regions across the world, more than any other cloud provider, we aim to provide customers with options to select the region that best suits their needs – whether that need is based on data residency or compliance requirementsservice offerings, technical and regulatory considerations, or just being closer to their customers. As we increase the number of new regions across the globe, and expand resiliency options with new Azure Availability Zones, Microsoft recognizes the need to provide customers with the ability to move their IT resources to regions of their choice.  

At Microsoft Ignite this week, Microsoft is announcing Azure Resource Mover, a new free service in preview that enables customers to move multiple resources across public Azure regions to support their ever-evolving business needs. Azure Resource Mover greatly reduces customer time and effort needed to move resources across regions by providing a built-in dependency analysis, planning, and testing that ensures the resources are prepared to move and then successfully moved to the desired region. Azure Resource Mover also provides a seamless and consistent single pane of glass experience that allows move orchestration for a range of Azure resources (Azure VMs, Azure Virtual Network, Azure SQL DBs etc.). 

You can currently move the following resources across regions:

  • Azure VMs and associated disks
  • NICs
  • Availability sets
  • Azure virtual networks
  • Public IP addresses
  • Network security groups (NSGs)
  • Internal and public load balancers
  • Azure SQL databases and elastic pools