Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) 2019-03-07 updates

The latest update of Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) brings an updated version of the Azure Monitor for Containers agent as well as bug fixes.

Some of the most important updates and fixes are:

  • New feature: Azure Monitor for Containers is updated to 3.0.0-4. (newly build and upgraded clusters only)
  • New feature: The Azure Commandline interface client (Azure CLI) now defaults to the 2nd newest Kubernetes version. So if 1.13 is the newest Kubernetes version, then Azure CLI will default to 1.12.
  • Bugfix: Removed week cipher support from AKS-issues Kubernetes SSL certificated. (this applies to Kubernetes 1.10+). You need to create a new AKS cluster to get updated certificates.
  • Bugfix: Cluster that experience upgrade failure will now allow users to reattempt updates, if possible.

Last time we had a proper Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) updates was in December 2018.  While I think the latest updates show good progress, I’m still eagerly awaiting the “AKS cluster auto-upgrade” feature. Does anyone know when that feature will show up in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)?


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